Film Classification

What is film classification?

In British Columbia, all film festivals are required to comply with the Motion Picture Act legislation and the regulations set out by Consumer Protection BC. Consumer Protection BC classifies, or "rates," films for particular audiences using six categories: G, PG, 14A, 18A, R, and A. You can read all about Consumer Protection BC's ratings on their website.

Consumer Protection BC does not rate films screened online, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our online film screenings.

You must be 18 years of age or older and be a Member of the Vancouver Out On Screen Film and Video Society to attend any in-person screening of a film which is rated 18A or above, or to attend any in-person screening of a film which has not been rated by Consumer Protection BC.

If you are unsure if a film you are planning to attend requires a Membership, please ask our Box Office staff. Memberships are available for purchase ahead of time online or when you arrive at the screening venue. You can also gift Memberships to others who are attending with you by checking the "This is a Gift" box on the Membership page.

What does "youth-rated" mean?

At the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, we group all films rated G, PG, or 14A together into a category called "youth-rated." In-person film screenings of these films do not require a Membership unless they are grouped with other films which are rated higher, such as in the case of some shorts programs.

We have copies of Consumer Protection BC's specific ratings at each venue. If you have questions about any of our youth-rated films, we encourage you to contact us.

Any in-person screenings containing any adult-rated (18A+) or unrated films, including shorts programs which may contain otherwise youth-rated content, are inaccessible to youth. All attendees for such screenings must be 18 years of age or older and be members of our film society.

What does "youth-friendly" mean?

Some of our films and events are listed under the "youth-friendly" access filter. This denotes films and programs which are designed with young viewers (under age 18) in mind. Please note that online film screenings have not been rated by Consumer Protection BC.

Films not listed as "youth-friendly" may contain content that is not suitable for film-lovers under age 18. Please look for Content Advisories or feel free to ask us if you are uncertain about which films may be right for you or your fellow viewers.

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