I Forgot My Password

Out On Screen support volunteers or Box Office staff will never ask for your password, nor should you ever share your password with our team.

What happens if I forget my password for the Watch Platform?

We will never ask for your password. We do not need your password to address IT or ticketing issues. We are unable to see or change your password.

Your Watch Platform Members Login details – email and password – are the same used to access your account on Elevent, our ticketing system. If you forget your password please:

  1. Navigate to goelevent.com
  2. In the top right hand corner, click Sign In / Register
  3. Enter you email address in the space provided and click Continue
  4. Click “Forgot Password” under the Password line
  5. Enter you email address again in the space provided, then click Reset Password

You will be sent an email with steps to reset your password.

Please be patient as it could take a bit of time for Elevent and our Watch Platform to sort themselves out.

If you have a password keeper such as iCloud Keychain, 1Password, Google Saved Passwords, or another similar program, please remember to update the password in your keeper as well, otherwise it may still try to help by using your old password.

If you continue to have login issues, please try typing the password into the field directly instead of relying on a keeper or copy/paste.

If all else fails, please contact our Box Office team via chat or email and we will trigger a password reset from the backend of the system. You will be sent an email with a link and instructions to reset your password.

Our Box Office team can confirm the email to which the password reset will be sent, but we cannot manually change your password for you.

How do I reset my Zoom password?

You can reset your password at zoom.us/forgot_password. Please follow the steps provided by Zoom. We cannot reset your Zoom password for you.

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