Attending the Festival In-Person

Welcome back to in-person screenings! We're all a little rusty so hopefully this guide will help clarify some questions you have around attending.

"I have my pass but how do I attend the festival in-person? What's the procedure?"

Passholders  must visit the passholder table to have their badge scanned and get a passholder slip before lining up in the queue for the theatre. If a passholder wishes to stay for a second screening, they must collect a screening slip for both shows to gain admission for the subsequent screening. 

A minimum of 30% of each house is reserved for passholders however seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we reach the allotment for passholders in a particular venue, we will create a hope line for folks to queue up to enter after all ticket-holders have entered. At this point in time we don't anticipate running out of room for passholders.

"I bought a ticket and a membership to an unrated screening. What's the procedure?"

Great! You have everything you need to attend the film. When you arrive, you can queue up directly in the ticket-holder line. Once all the passholders have entered, staff and volunteers will ask to scan your ticket and check the proof of purchase of your membership. Both the ticket and the membership can be either digital or physical! Ticket-holders are granted entry after passholders have entered the theatre.

"I bought my membership online. How do I show my membership in theatres?"

Firstly, thank you for supporting us by becoming a member! We can check a membership in one of two ways: by viewing your order confirmation that has your membership included or by looking at your Elevent account. Both of which can be pulled up on your virtual device or phone or you can print your order confirmation at home. If you want to get a physical membership card, come to the Box Office/Will Call table to get one!

"I'm afraid that the screening I want to see is going to sell-out. What do I do to ensure I get a seat?"

We recommend arriving 30-45 minutes before the screening starts so you can secure a spot in the queue. We don't anticipate that we will run out of room for folks, either passholders or ticket-holders.

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