How to RSVP to The Coast Is Queer 25th Anniversary Celebration

“I have complimentary tickets to the Coast is Queer Anniversary Celebration. What do I do next?”

Passholders and artists who’ve received complimentary tickets will still need to book in advance to attend this year’s Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, August 18th at 6:30PM at the Hollywood Theatre. While this event is free for all members, we have limited space so please RSVP!

1.    Sign in to your account at
2.    Navigate to the event page for this celebration.
3.    You should now see the "Passholder Comp" ticket option. Add this to your cart and check out. 

4.    You're now RSVP'd! 

Please contact or call 604-844-1615 ext. 410 if you have any questions.

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